Hight quality and adheres to international pharmacopoeia standards.

Medical & Surgical dressings manufactured at our factory are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and adheres to international pharmacopoeia standards. We are able to ensure the top most quality of our products due to our careful and methodical manufacturing process.

Purchase of yarns
  • The best quality yarns used in the production of medical dressings are purchased from local and foreign suppliers.

purchase of yarns
  • The yarns or gray cloths are freed from fatty matter by treating them with alkali and are then bleached to give them a good white appearance.

  • The bleached fibers are boiled and washed with furnace oil. The fibers are then reasonably free from impurities and are ready to be woven.

Weaving and Rolling
  • The fibers are woven according to standard or custom measurements with the use of modern machinery. The woven product is then rolled and edges are evenly cut to be parallel with the warp threads.

weaving and rolling
  • After careful inspection and quality assurance checks the final product is packed and labelled accordingly. The products are then stored until dispatched.